I am often asked about what the most effective and quickest ways are to ready one’s home for the market place.  Among other strategies, I advocate Home Staging.  By definition, home staging is the art of refurbishing an old or dated home through renovation and other modifications to attract more buyers when placed on the market for sale.

Current research supports the notion that staged homes typically sell faster and at higher sale prices than non-staged homes.  General statement – yes, but true. Home staging is not only an emerging trend in property marketing and real estate today, but a very effective way of gaining interest in your home.


And, here’s why…..home staging directs the attention of buyers to the POSITIVE attributes of the home, and where necessary, away from any negative attributes. Staging creates more buzz around your home, allowing realtors like myself to increase the number of showings and sell your home faster and at the highest price possible.  When buyers can imagine themselves living in a tastefully staged home, it appeals to all of their senses, thus creating a positive response to the experience of being in the home.  What staging involves is “depersonalization” of the home, which in turn, allows buyers the ability to visualize themselves living in the home.  Conversely, it allows sellers to emotionally detach from the home, leaving the homeowners with a sense of freedom to move forward. Both sides can benefit from the home staging process!


No doubt, there are basic factors such as location, price and market state – all which play a vital role in how quickly and for how much a home can and will be sold.  Having said that, home staging is one of those strategic activities that offers an attractive return on investment because the investment is minimal, compared to a full-scale interior design project, for example. The value of home staging is recognized and achieved quickly, with relatively minimal disruption, by employing techniques such as color correction (repainting in neutral tones, for example), decluttering and furniture rearrangement.

In my professional opinion, home staging provides a definite selling advantage for many types of homes.  All homes may not require home staging, but every listing could benefit from an initial consultation to review options and tweak anything that could make a difference in your home’s appearance.


Allow me to guide you through the process of a listing and home staging with a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with one of the Professional Home Stagers on my team.  I look forward to working with you – more importantly, I look forward to helping you MAX the value of your home.