Oakville is a town full of people living in a community where residents are friendly, commodities are easy to obtain and the neighborhood is safe and secure. Aside from the harmony of the place, Oakville is also proud of its vivacity that exudes from the energy and dynamic spirit of the populace.



Recreation, Arts and Commerce

Because of Oakville’s location, it is quickly developing. Many establishments that add to the value and economical development of the place are constantly being built. Nonetheless, conventional businesses and organizations are still active on the place; making Oakville a place of both worlds – vintage and modern. Popular festivities in the place are also many, which make the place jump with blissful inhabitants and tourists. Oakville also preserves its art and culture through the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts and other non-profit artistic, musical and cultural groups. Hence, people who are fond of taking pleasure in art and culture while enjoying a modern life will enjoy residing in Oakville.

Recreational and cultural sites are everywhere:

  • Heritage trails
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Gardens
  • Recreation and culture programs

Aside from the artistic and peaceful characteristics of the place, Oakville is also a place of commerce and modern living. Business improvement areas are being developed for companies and establishments that are planning and are already investing on the booming community. From offices, banks, shops and restaurants to residential communities and other real estate projects, Oakville is continuously thriving for improvement.


Transportation around Oakville is also very easy. Oakville transit and Go transit provide bus and rail services for the convenience of its residents and tourists. Going to other nearby towns and cities like Toronto just takes a couple of minutes, providing great ease.

Safety and Services

Residents are assured of their safety through the vigilant protection provided by the Halton Regional Police Service. The Oakville Fire Department’s seven fire stations scattered around the town also secure the town’s safety from accidents, incidents and disasters.

Town of Oakville’s Waters Air Rescue Force (TOWARF) also volunteers on the marine search and rescue operations.


The community of Oakville is perfect for any type of resident. Individuals and families will find this place wholesome and beneficial. The community’s facilities are advantageous and favorable for residents of any age.  Youths and senior citizens can benefit from the programs and facilities that Oakville provides.

  • Programs and classes for senior citizens
  • Income security and supportive housing programs for elderly residents
  • Friendship luncheon for the elderly
  • Recreational and nourishing programs for residents

Oakville also provides community-related information and services that residents can use through:

  • Community Group Affiliation (CORE)
  • Community Spirit Awards
  • Information Oakville
  • Residents Associations
  • Schools
  • Volunteer opportunities